A Website Design Structure Requires Careful Consideration

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Consider how the pages will look and how the search engines will 'see' them.

User Friendly Navigation

Websites will have many pages or just a few. Whatever the case, the intention is to deliver information to persons visiting the website.

The pages must be able to present both textual content and images in a visually pleasing manner.

Consideration to the websites future growth must be built into what ever navigation system is employed. If the site is to be a small online brochure, then single links to the various pages can be situated in the preferred position on the pages.

Don't move the navigation to different places on different pages. It makes for a highly confusing visit and is very annoying.

In the event you are planning a large website with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of pages, then the navigational array absolutely must be able to handle it. Drop Down Menus do this very well by displaying 'Main Sections' with sub and even sub sub sections presented in the drop downs. You could even go sub sub sub... But be careful not to make it confusing and/or difficult to navigate.

Crawlable Structure

Having designed your menu with your visitors experience in mind, you MUST consider another very important 'visitor', the 'Search Engine Spiders'. The Spiders will begin crawling your pages very soon after you publish (upload) your website. They will search for every page that they can find from various sources: Your Navigation System (Menu), A Sitemap fileinternal page links and from other websites linking to your pages to name just a few.

If your menu is structured so that the Spiders can find every page, then all pages will get indexed into the search engine databases.

It's good practice to utilise a page structure that not only uses 'Key Phrases' in the page names, titles, menu links and folders (if used).

Avoid making pages more than three layers deep i.e. The one below is four deep...

Page Load Speed

This is still an important factor to consider when designing your pages.

Don't make the mistake of encumbering them with high resolution images. All images should only be 72dpi for the internet anyway. Any more is just a waste.

Large images will slow the page down. Put a small image (thumbnail) that opens a larger image when clicked. Furthermore, large images in a page of content can make for a poor visual experience.

Whilst all sorts of functions and behaviours in your page may sound like a good idea, they all add page weight and 'Fat Pages' take time to load.

The search engines don't pay quite as much attention to page weight as they used to but it will count against you and potentially enable a competitor to rank higher than you.

Searchable URL's

Not only do searchable URL's make the visitors experience a better one, they also assist greatly in achieving higher SERP's.

For example a page about dogs skin conditions should be titled 'Dogs Skin Conditions' and not something like 'page=id?127'. Such page naming methods by some Content Management Systems don't help at all and in my opinion should be avoided.

If your website has a 'Folder Structure', then the folders should also be named using key phrases.

It all adds weight... Which do you think is better out of the following two URL's?
1. http://www.dogs.info/healthcare/skinproblems.html
2. http://www.dogs.info/category24/page.php?id=127

I know which one is more subject relevant. It will also stack up better in the search engines indexing. Combine that with well researched content and you're moving towards a winning formula.

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