CMS Website Design - Rich & Interactive Features

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You have a CMS Website and now need more Features and/or Visitor Interactivity?

We use CMSMS (Content Management System Made Simple) for the vast majority of our clients website design needs.

From a simple brochure website to much larger web entities filled with Rich & Interactive Features.

Every CMS website we design comes complete with a wide range of modules as standard such as News, Blog, Contact Forms, Image Sliders and Sitemaps.

There are 1000's of additional modules that work seamlessly with your website enabling Artwork Network to deliver a comprehensive range of functions and features.

Additional High End Modules:

  • Company or Client Directories - available with front end user login if required. This module can be adapted to serve a multitude of different purposes.
  • Events & Bookings - from hotel bookings to event management. A highly versatile module with seamless ecommerce when required.
  • Chat Rooms & Forums - simple to magnificent. 1-2-1 chat facility to full blown chat rooms. Forums in all sizes. Both with front end user login and customisable pages.
  • Ecommerce Packages - over 30 modules to provide a dedicated ecommerce presence purpose made. Manage stock, orders, taxes, shipping, refunds and much more.
  • Showcase Modules - easily managed module to showcase clients, projects etc. Astonishingly¬†simple management of a very useful feature.
  • News Letter Mailing Suite - no need to advertise mass mailing companies in your news letters. A customisable module that can handle many 1000's of mailings to subscribed users.
  • Multi Lingual - present your data in most of the European languages. Many other languages also available.

Just a few of 100's of High End Modules to provide significant enhancement of your website.

Many can be further supplemented with the Additional Standard Modules - see right...

Additional Standard Modules

  • Albums
  • Classifieds
  • Google Maps
  • Guestbook
  • User Management
  • Job Scheduler
  • Podcasts
  • News Sliders
  • Postcode to Longitude & Latitude
  • Promotions
  • Publications
  • F A Q
  • Reviews
  • Self Registration
  • Simple Feedback

These are a small sample of literally 1000's of standard modules. Many can be combined to produce highly interactive facilities.

Reasons to use Artwork Network

Easy to work with

We'll come and talk to you in your place of business. We will bring samples of our work to illustrate just how we can work with you.

Awesome designs

Clients are always impressed with our work. We will go to great lengths to create design examples that are brand oriented with the clients business.

Our Experience

By combining our in depth knowledge with our passion for digital design, we can ensure that your designs are perfect and fit for purpose.

About Artwork Network

Based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland UK... Artwork Network are a graphic, print & website design company.

Providing Professionally designed and printed media to promote your business online and offline.

Our Mission

With considerable resources at our disposal, ArtWork NetWork will Plan, Design & Implement projects of any size.
Step by step communication with you is maintained throughout the project from conception to delivery.

A passion & dedication to listening to the clients needs and delivering the desired result. Whether a box of business cards to a full company branding, we will attend to every detail.