Back Links and Anchor Links

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Positive Linking

Search Engines like Links to other sites but you can't just stuff your pages with links or get any old site to link to yours.

For the SE's to regard your links as 'quality links', they must be topical and relevant. i.e. If your site is about Eco Friendly Building and you can get a website to write about the benefits of an Eco Friendly Building and perhaps the benefits of it being thermally efficient and kind to the planet etc, the page that holds the link and the link itself is topical or relevant.

Even better is when the page holding the link to your website is 'Meta Titled' and with a 'Page Heading' it all adds weight to the value of the link.

An anchor link is a key worded link to a page in your site from both an external or an internal page. Both are important. The internal page link also assists with navigation.

Putting together a workable plan to achieve good quality incoming links is important. It requires a little time each week. Research other on topic websites and blogs and ask for a link. Suggest a phrase for the link and a page to link to. Write a blog that is also on topic but not about directly your website. Insert a link again using a key phrase.

Negative linking

There are 1000's of websites out there that will simply link to you for a fee and even some for free. Be careful when you start to get other sites to link to you as off topic links and those from irrelevant pages or sites could and probably negatively affect your ranking.

Using website submitting software as an absolute NO. It will not improve your website search engine ranking. Those days are gone. The search engines now use ranking algorithms that are based upon page, website content, relevant anchor links as well as a great many other factors. 

Reasons to use Artwork Network

Easy to work with

We'll come and talk to you in your place of business. We will bring samples of our work to illustrate just how we can work with you.

Awesome designs

Clients are always impressed with our work. We will go to great lengths to create design examples that are brand oriented with the clients business.

Our Experience

By combining our in depth knowledge with our passion for digital design, we can ensure that your designs are perfect and fit for purpose.

About Artwork Network

Based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland UK... Artwork Network are a graphic, print & website design company.

Providing Professionally designed and printed media to promote your business online and offline.

Our Mission

With considerable resources at our disposal, ArtWork NetWork will Plan, Design & Implement projects of any size.
Step by step communication with you is maintained throughout the project from conception to delivery.

A passion & dedication to listening to the clients needs and delivering the desired result. Whether a box of business cards to a full company branding, we will attend to every detail.